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Group tutoring works well but to be effective it requires the students who participate in the group to have similar skill sets and similar innate abilities. If the students in the group are at different skill levels, the student(s) at lesser ability are at risk of being left behind. Likewise, the student(s) at higher ability are at risk of not having the tutoring session focus on the higher levels of material they need help with.

When students have similar skill sets but different innate abilities, the students learn at different rates. The student with stronger innate ability will naturally learn more quickly and as time marches forward this student will want to move through the material at a faster pace. Likewise, the student with lesser innate ability will learn more slowly and will not be ready to move forward though the material at the same time as other student(s) in the group. This results in the same dilemma as described above.

You may be thinking - but no two students have exactly the same skill set or exactly the same innate ability. There is no doubt this is true. This is where group dynamics become increasingly important. The group participants should meet and study as a group outside of having group sessions with the tutor. The group should work together with the common goal of having everyone in the group attain understanding of the material studied. The stronger students can help the students who need to catch up. In this process the stronger student's understanding gets solidified as he teaches other students. This helps to ensure all students are at approximately the same level for the next time they meet as a group with the tutor. At that next group-tutor session the group can ask questions as a group.

With this strategy the group works as a team. The group participants learn teamwork and leadership skills are developed. The group participants develop a rapport both with each other and with the tutor. All the individuals of the group grow stronger both inside and outside of the group. It's a win for everyone.

It's really up to the students themselves to find other students to form a group. The person(s) wanting to work in a group should aspire to find similarly skilled others who are willing to participate in a group and work together as a team.

Group tutoring is also cost effective. Please see the services/scheduling page for group rates.

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